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work related joke

I got a phone call from Ro when count was over. Count is where the money dropped on the tables (folks buying chips) the previous day is counted, recorded and sent to various departments - like the cashier's cage, the emergency vault or to be deposited in the back account. It seems that a Pepsi was spilled on one of our Spanish 21 Blackjack tables and ran into the drop box. All the money and paperwork was soaked and made it really hard to count. I think Ro said she had to just tear some match play coupons up and couldn't read about half of the paperwork.
Here's where the joke came in.
I told her they should have gotten a bucket or clear container, filled it with water and soap, washed the money off and hung it up to dry. Then I thought about it for a second and said that it wasn't a good idea after all. We could get arrested for money laundrying.

Well, I thought it was funny at any rate. My folks didn't, but mum says my dad is just upset he didn't think of it first.

Oh yeah - I'm trying to update my other livejournal with some more updated/edited TDC chapters but I can't get the cut to work right for some reason. I am still working on that project, but I just gave up for the night.
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