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Something my teacher said

And I wish I could figure out a way to work it into a fan fiction piece. It's seriously dark-humored and warped as hell, but the class is on the Holocaust so things are going to be like that.
I'll put it behind a cut so I don't offend anyone who doesn't want to see this. 

We were discussing how many Jews died during WWII. The answer generally given is 6 million. Dr. Spence pointed out that this is generally agreed to be high and the more accurate number is probably 5.993 million. But he continued on to say that people will sit around and dispute this for days if you let them. A student raised his hand and asked if the point here wasn't the number, but the fact that there was obviously a large scale homicide/genocide occuring? Dr. Spence agreed and came up with the following example.

"You have a serial murderer/cannibal who kills and eats ten people. Then you have another serial murderer/cannibal who only kills and eats six people? Is the one who killed more the more violent/worst of the pair? How can you know that the one who killed less didn't just get a late start in crime? Or he was in prison for a time? Or maybe he's just a picky eater."

I think it'd have to go in a Criminal Minds piece, but I just can't work out who would say it.
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