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First day of school

I'm beat. Physically and mentally. Just the thought of opening a book or picking up a pen makes me tired. Who would've thought that a full day of classes would be so hard. At least I didn't work today. :)
I have chemistry (of course), math, history (holocaust), and criminal justice (issues and theories). The only class I haven't been to is math - that's Thursday only. I still don't get math meeting one day a week and their idea of us teaching ourselves the material. If I wanted to do that I'd just stay home with the textbook. Okay, well I really wouldn't because I hate math, but you know what I mean.

I've got a PhD student from the neighboring university teaching my senior level criminal justice class. That should be interesting to say the least. I think I worry him a little because he just kept staring at me blankly after I spoke today. I didn't think I said anything *that* bad. Sure, I've already got a BA in Criminal Justice but it's been 6 years since I had a CJ class. Maybe its the fact that I'm a freshman for my second degree even if I am a senior by credits.

My chemistry class is 111. That's basically the introduction class for chemistry majors. It's also the class I took last semester's class as prep for. I was hoping for the same teacher, but didn't get him. I think I'm really going to miss Dr. Edwards. I loved his sense of humor. I'm not sure what I think of my teacher this term. She seems to know what she's doing, but she also is treating it like its the only class any of us are taking. I hate it when teachers do that because they just pile on the work and that's what stresses/burns out so many students.

And then history. It's a dark class with a lot of depressing content. But it's taught by the top professor in the department. He's got that wickedly warped sense of humor. For example, and I do have several, he said if he catches up plagerizing in our bibliographical comparative analysis (basically a term paper) all of heaven's and god's wrath will descend upon our heads. Then he paused and said not really, just his, but it's nearly as bad.

So I don't have class tomorrow, but I have homework and I have to be at the casino for my shift. I really hope I can balance school, work, writing and - oh wait - I have no personal life. *grin*
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