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Once every ten years

I'm back. Sore, tired and ready to go to bed, but back. I think its official that I shouldn't drive to Portland again. So the most interesting thing that happened on this trip was that my dad and I almost got hit by a house. I'll let you all ponder that for a moment. *grin* The truck that was moving it had to make a wider turn than he throught and almost took us out. That'll shake you up something bad, trust me.
Ro will tell you that I've got a horrible sense of direction. If you're patient she'll tell you endless stories about how I managed to get us lost or turned around in London. Knowing this I printed out maps to get me to the hotel in Portland, to the Zoo for the concert and home again. 
I still managed to get lost. *headdesk*
After my dad and I finally found the hotel, we checked in and just took it easy for a couple of hours before heading out to the Zoo and the concert. The guards there gave me some grief over my water bottles but when I told him I'm hypoglcimic I got to keep them. I don't know why there's this huge fear of liquids in the states right now, but its annoying as hell. We walk to the stage and find a place to sit among the hundreds of people already there. I'd put the crowd at 800 at least. Then I went to buy the new CD and realized that the Merc wasn't set up anywhere. That's really weird because I've never been to a RITS show where they haven't had the Merc set up.
While my dad was off getting supper - I don't really eat when I travel - a gal came up and made an announcement that the band was stuck on the interstate owing to wildfires and it would be at least half an hour if not longer before the show started. The Zoo opened up the dinosaur exhibit for the kids to keep them busy and also flew some of the birds of prey from the stage. Then the original gal came back and told us that the show had been canceled. My dad and I packed up - me with a very heavy heart - and made our way out. I thought I'd stop in the gift store and get Ro a magnet and me a t-shirt but they were closed. My mum told me not to go and buy a lotto ticket because everything had just been going wrong that day. Turns out my dad had already bought one. *rolls eyes* And then we got lost again heading back to the hotel.
Got up today and drove home. I worked it out and we did roughly 1356 miles over 16 hours. Yeah, way too long for me. :) And I got us lost again coming home. 
I think I just quit. Next time we take the bus or I'm going to ask Ro to go with us. Then she can worry about directions and I can handle the music.
And I haven't heard anything but I'm hoping the Riders are all okay. They're playing in Colorado tonight and there aren't any Cyberpals in that area.

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