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Trying again

My older half-sister is in town for a couple of days and we had a really fun and lively (for 2230) discussion about fan fiction and fandoms. She is a huge LOTR fan fiction writer, but it's also her career as a college professor. But she's at least familiar with some other fandoms, including HP and CSI. She commented that she's heard from friends of hers that the HP fandom is pretty quick to jump on authors and fics that don't fall in with their own views. And we got to talking about pairings - HP/DM, SB/RL, and HP/SS - all with our going on 82 year old father in the next chair. I don't think we gave away too much, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Who knows, maybe she told my folks all about fan fiction whilst I was at work and I don't have to hide anymore. (Oh, and she totally agreed that Sirius and Lupin were a couple)
But she really did pay me a compliment today. My kid brother has often commented that our older siblings don't have to treat us as family because we never lived together and they're both old enough to be our parents. But they do. She went one step further today and told my mum that she thinks that we're twins (Robin and me) who just happened to be born 23 years apart. I thought that was really sweet.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm going to bed.
Look for TDC updates by the weekend. I'm getting excited about posting them.
I hope they're good.
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