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a slasher's eyes

I've been watching my old Sherlock Holmes VHS tapes. These are tapes that I recorded on Monday nights when I was at karate so I wouldn't miss the show. Now - looking back - I wish I'd missed classes instead. ;)
I got to the end of one and was FF to see what else was on the tape and came across the old cartoon show "The Real Ghostbusters" which my kid brother and I loved, although I don't know why we recorded it. The episode has Slimer dreaming that he's the biggest, baddest of all the ghostbusters and the four guys run down a dead end alley to get away from the monster/ghost. When they realize they're trapped, Ray and Peter hug each other with Egon and Winston each standing behind one of them with their arms wrapped around their waists.
Yeah - instant gutter.
No, Ro, you can't smack me. *grin*
But it really got me thinking about the whole concept of a slasher's eyes. Do we really see everything in terms of our fan fiction? I'd have to say yes because I've also been playing a Nintendo DS game called "The curious village" (totally addicting if you like puzzles) and there's an older gentleman - mid 20s - with a young boy. I've been fighting thoughts about the pair of them. *sigh*
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