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Very, very relieved

I had my demerotology appointment today and I was a nervous wreck because I'd been told that there was a very good chance for surgery. I hate needles with a passion. It comes from having blood drawn every six months to check on things for a few years when we were getting my meds adjusted. But the doctor took a look at my face and said that the only way he'd cut out this mole is if the pigment comes back or it turns into a bump. He's a bit of a flirt too and said he didn't want to mar my looks. *rolls eyes* But he also said if his wife was in the same situation he wouldn't operate on her so that made me feel better.
Up until the point he noticed the keloids (masses of scar tissue) I have on my neck and back. So I ended up with seven, count them seven, different shots of steroid powder to try and reduce them. I dunno, I told him I hate needles and don't do that well with them, but he insisted. They don't hurt anymore except for twinges in the really big one on my back. It's probably a good thing I sleep on my side. :)
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