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plot bunnies and characters

Oh Merlin did I get bit by a plot bunny last night as I was going to sleep. Our cabins at camp are divided into two room by really nothing more than pieces of plywood. Then there are three bunk beds per room. My bunkmates and I had our lights out and were settling in for the night while the gals next door were still up and talking. As you can imagine, we can hear pretty much every word as clear as if they were in the room with us. When they turn out the light, one of them said "there, I think I'm in my bed" and boom, plot bunny attack. I swear to god, I was lying face down on my bed with my face buried in my pillow trying not to laugh out loud and wake everyone up. It's gonna be a CM fic and I'll put it up on WWOMB when its done, along with a couple of other things I'm working on in the CM universe.

Like I don't have enough going on. *rolls eyes and glares at snickering bunnies*

Now for the second thing. Can I ask your help?? I need some British characters I can make into dragons. I have one but I'd like to put him in the novel first and then bring him in here. But I'm so excited by the idea that I was literally bouncing when I told my dad about it.
So I was thinking TV or movies or books or something that I can have some overseas communities. I watched a little of "The Bill" when I was in London so I might be able to use a couple of characters there.
And, honestly, I suppose if you'd like to see dragons in your country as well, let me know. Might as well keep expanding the universe while I'm at it. I don't promise as much about them as I have for the current dragons, but they'll be in there. *Grin*
That reminds me, what do you (those who have them) think of freeweb's service? I've been debating a page there for a while now.

Thanks for your help in advance everyone. *hugs*
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