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camp story

So I gave another person the link to my lj, again baby steps to talking about my fan fiction, and she knows about fan fiction and the terminology. She looked at it before our open mike readings and the first thing she saw was my tag for gun porn. I swear I went tomato red and promised to discuss it at the camp fire because we were getting ready to read.
We went so late at the open mike that we asked if we could join the other group at their campfire. They said yes so we made our way down there and I ended up explaining gun porn to at least seven people. That was a very interesting experience in and of itself and the night only went down hill from there. The most vivid memory - sadly - was when we were making s'mores and one guy said he had a really big stick. All our minds went straight into the gutter and didn't come out again.
It'll be interesting to see what happens with letting folks I've been spending time together with as opposed to being the more hidden writer online. Albiet I do spend more time on here with everyone in cyberspace and feel so at home as opposed to hanging out with people around me. I hope that doesn't sound as sad in the journal as it does in my mind.
I'll be sure to tell you how it goes. *grin*

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