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Stolen from marauder_bex

A fun survey to put in your LJ
~*All About You*~
What is your name?: Alexandra
When were you born?: August 1979
Where do you live?: North Idaho 
Are you male of female?: Female
How tall are you?: 5' 7"
What color hair do you have?: black
Is it your real hair color?  light brown
Do you have glasses/contacts?: nope
What color are your eyes?: sea-green
If you are a male...do you have any facial hair?: sadly - upper lip - working on getting rid of it 
What is your ethnic background?: Scotish from waaaaaaayyyyyyyy back. English/French/German 
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope -  only in my dreams 
If so...what is thier name?: 
If you do not have a partner do you have a crush?: again - only in my dreams 
Are you or have you ever been in love?:  Thought so - once. He was abusive.
What is your religion?: Jedi. Don't laugh, its true 
Do you have any nicknames?: Alex, girl Alex, Lex, Lexxie, (pen name) Tiffany, Tiff
Do you play any sports?: Black belt in karate - non practicing
What are your hobbies?: writing, reading, watching TV, studying new things I can't in school, being online 
~*Either/ Or*~
McDonalds Or Burger King?: McDonalds
Chicken or Beef?: Chicken (I'm allergic to beef)
Dogs or Cats?: Both
White chowder or Red chowder?: White - preferably at the ballpark in Seattle
West coast or East coast?: west coast
English or Math?: English
Pants or Shorts?: either depending on the weather
Sweatshirts with hoods or sweatshirts without hoods?: For preference, hoodies. But I'll wear both
Salty or Sweet?: Depends on my mood
Fluff or Jelly?: Jam - raspberry with no seeds. If I have to have jelly, make it apple. 
Summer or Winter?: early summer 
Hot dogs or Hamburgers?: Chicken dogs - again, allergic to beef 
Football or Baseball?: Baseball and hockey
French Fries or Onion rings?: Fries
Contacts or Glasses?: neither
Coffee or Tea?: Tea
Soda or Juice?: Juice, blackcurrent/apple 
Skiing or Swimming? Swimming - you don't want to see me on skis 
Rings or Bracelets?: Rings, bracelets make it hard to write 
~*When is the last time you...*~
Talked on the phone?: few hours ago
Laughed?: about an hour - arguing a point with a character in my novel.
Hugged someone?: this afternoon when I saw a friend and her fiancee 
Kissed someone?: oh bother - 2003??? 
Told someone you loved them....and meant it?: been a while.
Drove?: today
Ate?: few hours ago - Jack in the Box chicken sandwich and fries 
Danced?: junior high PE class. No, I'm not telling you the year.
Rode a roller coaster?: 1987 in Disney World.
Went out to dinner?: does pizza count? 
Swam in the ocean?: Two years ago in Cabo. Can't anymore. Sobs. No more beach. 
Went to a concert?: In April - Elton John 
Bought yourself something new?: today - binders for TDC information
Worked?: yesterday.
Played a board game?: Ro, do you remember? Couple of years at least.
Went to a party?: what's that?
Saw your best friend?: two days ago. 
Saw a shooting star?: couple of months 
Got nervous/happy butterflies?: When the doc called and said I had to have surgery on my face. 
~*Do You...*~
Like to cook?: nope
Have any piercings?: no!
How about tattoos?: no - I hate needles 
Do you drink?: no
Smoke?: no
Do Drugs?: Are you nuts?? I do take prescription meds daily though 
Have cable/satellite televison?: satellite with my folks
Go to school?: university
Actually like school?: Depends on the class 
Like to read?: do you want to try and take the book away? 
Like to play video games?: depends on my mood or Ro handing me the controller
Eat vegetables?: bell peppers and carrots only 
Eat seafood?: some of it. 
Have the ability to curl your tongue?: yeah
Like to shop?: only in book stores. 
Like to go to clubs?: nope
Like to dress up?: no
Do you or did you go to school dances?: once for a friend's sake. Never again. 
Like your job (if you have one)?: No, but it pays close onto $10 an hour so I can live with it.
~*Which one of your friends...*~
Do you have the most memories with?: Ro
Do you have the most in common with?: Ro
Is the loudest?: Lyden
Is the most attractive?: not going there
Is the funniest?: Too Slim
Do you trust the most while in the car?: Ro
Do you trust the least while in the car?: Russell
Do you tell the most secrets to?: Ro
Has told you the most secrets?: probably Ro 
Makes you nervous?: Lyden
Has the biggest wardrobe?: I have no clue 
Has the nicest car?: Ro (she'll kick me if I say anyone else) 
Is always late?: we're all pretty prompt
Is always happy?: we all work in a casino. 
Is the most hyper?: Ro. Attention span of a 3 year old on a gallon of coffee
Has the worst taste in the opposite sex?: not going there but probably me 
Is the smartest?: Russell
Is the most photogenic?: Lyden - but we could've done without the thong pic 
Has the best job?: Again, we're all in the casino. Not a happy place
~*Quick Thoughts To Ponder*~
What came first the chicken or the egg?: egg
Is the glass half empty or half full?: dust the glass for prints to find out who drank half your water 
Describe your perfect date:: starts at the bookstore, dinner, movie, walk in the park, cuddle at home
Describe your ideal vacation spot:: London
What are some qualities you'd like your significant other to have?: understanding and willing to listen and believe me 
Describe your dream job:: police officer - so not going to happen 
Describe your dream ride?: I really don't care - as long as it works and gets me where I'm going 
If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?: London
If you could speak to one person dead or alive who would it be?: My uncle Wayne. Never met him. 
If you could be anyone or anything in the world what would it be?: Myself minus the fibro 
Why did you take this survey?: because I could. 
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