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I think I have the rabbit's foot

Supernatural fans will get that joke in the subject line. Ro pointed it out to me when I told her what happened today and it blew me away because she was totally right. So, you'll never believe this one. It shows how strange the world really is.
One of my best girlfriends from junior high - yeah we're still close - is getting married in a year and she invited me over to see her wedding dress. She's already asked me to be in the wedding as a bride's maid and told me as long as my dress is dark blue I can choose the style. Which is really nice of her because I'll be able to wear it again sometime. Like in a blue moon. *grin* And then, as she doesn't drive, I was heading to Wal-Mart to get some writing supplies for TDC and offered to take her along with me. We got to talking about a present she wants to make for her step-sister and I suggested we go to Hastings (book/music/movie store) to look at the magazines.
While she's looking for a picture of a fiddle I went to the science section and found a forensics magazine. I decided to buy it because it had some ballistics stuff in it. Now, I've started drafting out the second TDC novel - the one about hunters. So I've been looking into various poisons and the like that they could use and it's really interesting. And I realized that it was toxicology and something I could focus on in my upper division classes. And then be like Hodges. (only kidding)
We're in the checkout line and they can't find the magazine in the computer to show how much it is so there's a bit of a wait. The guy in line behind us asks me about the magazine. I said it was just on forensics. He says he's a toxicologist and he's never heard of it. I almost died. I told him its what I want to study in school so he introduces himself and tells me how to find him on the school web system. And he tells me the state animal toxicology lab is on the UI campus and I should get in touch with the director for a job. I almost fell over when he told me the director's name because it's a neighbor I've known since I was ten. I used to babysit for him when his kids were little. I mentioned I wanted to work in a crime/forensics lab and he said that we needed to talk about that. But all his lectures are online, he wants me to watch them when I have the chance, take his classes and he'll help me figure things out.
What are the chances of that happening????
I think I have the bloody rabbit's foot and just don't know it. Ro, keep an eye on me. If my luck starts to go bad, call Sammy and Dean. *wink*
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