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New Story - new fandom

Just what I need, right? It's a Criminal Minds piece that came to be when Spencer Reid (I love that he spells his last name correctly - ie same as mine *Grin*) was doing target practice and Hotch was right behind him. I think if things had gone this way, Reid would've passed his qualification without any problems and been more relaxed as well. *glares at snickering bunny*
Someone has been feeding them chocolate again.
It'll be up within a couple of hours on WWOMB only. It's called "Firearms Qualification". I think my author page is the only link I can give right now.

Oh, a side note. We shoot out in the woods here in north Idaho. My teacher is a sniper/swat team member. Minus the sexual part of the story (he's known me since I was 12 and his wife was my babysitter) this is how he taught me to shoot. And I'm not bad either.
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