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*sigh* update

The doc's office called back way sooner than I expected them too. The news was half and half.
The sample they took from my shoulder was only mild for abnormal growth so they're going to leave it alone for now and just have me watch it, or my mum as its in a rather awkward spot on my upper shoulder/arm. *grin*
The sample they took from my face showed moderate abnormal growth which I think translates as pre-cancer. I'm scheduled for surgery in mid July. That alone tells me its not horribly threatening. It's just not a fun call to get. The good news is I'm going to get to see the doctor who took care of my dad's melonoma a little over a year ago and he's really good. That was at my request. :)
It sounds like they caught it in time. With as many moles as I have, they tend to get me into the office at least once a year if not more frequently. But these are the first ones to come back abnormal. I guess that means no more beach time for me in Cabo. Oh well, I can stay inside and write.

Thanks everyone for the support and well wishes on this one. I'm just happy its not cancer and we did get it in time. There's a major history of skin cancer in my family.
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