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I went to see the dermitologist (that doesn't look right) on Tuesday. I have to go every year or so because not only did my grandpa have skin cancer my dad's had a cancerous mole removed.
And I have moles everywhere.
So the doctor looks me over and says that he needs to biopsy two of them.
This is far from the first time its happened but it always makes me nervous. I hate waiting for two weeks for the test results to come back. I seriously doubt anything is wrong but still.
The nurse is a huge CSI (all three) fan so we had a blast talking about the shows. The doctor thought we were nuts. And I made the comment that most people have a happy place to go to when the needle pokes them for the first time or the razor gets them. I said I'm like Sid on CSI: NY. I have a creepy place. She started laughing so hard.
So yeah, I'll let you guys know. *sigh*
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