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Updates and wallpapers

I'm working on updating everything right now. If it goes right *fingers crossed knock on wood* I'll have the following stories updated in an hour or so.
A New View of Hell
Boom (2 chapters)
First Time
TDC Miami (4 chapters)
TDC NYDC (4 chapters)

It's raining here and that messes up my internet connection big time though.
Now then, wallpapers. Carol made these for me a while ago when I first thought about putting Supernatural into TDC. And I've been sitting on them ever since. But as Sammy Changes in the latest updates its finally time to share them.

The photo manip she used in the second one is here. http://emella.livejournal.com/176334.html

I'm not going to go on too much about Miami's finale last night because I'm still in shock. I couldn't even sleep last night because of it. *shudder* And there's still NY to go. I want fall to get here now. But not the school. That can take as long as it wants.
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