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Doctor Who - SPOILERS

This episode gave me feels. I love that the Doctor was sent for coffee in Scotland and turns up three weeks later in England. *snickers* His bad driving/habit of getting distracted has been a running thing for so long that I'm glad they're still bringing it into play. I'm still not sure what I think about 12, but he's starting to show sass, bad jokes, heart, and darkness. It really makes me think a little more about 9, to be honest. Part of that is probably the link they brought in this week between 9 being told he would make a good Dalek and 12 being told that he is a good Dalek. That's going to haunt the Doctor for a long time, I think.

I couldn't resist quoting 11 a few times tonight. When the door opened for the first time and the blue eye-stalk was first visible, my first thought was "Hello, Dalek". The second time was when the Doctor sent Clara up to restart the memories and said he would do something and wasn't sure what he would do. "It's a thing in progress. Respect the thing." I know 12 wouldn't say anything like that, that was pure 11, but it fit so perfectly into the situation here. So many parallels to earlier episodes popping up in here.

When they did the shot of the Daleks coming right at the humans, sort of angling the camera up, I've been in that position. There is nothing quite as terrifying as a Dalek coming straight at you talking, or saying that you will be exterminated. Of course, in my case, my next stop was the forest of the angels, so I was petrified at that one and sort of forget the fear the Daleks bring in. Right up into I saw that shot and remembered being right there. It's freaky as hell. Any time the Daleks show up, the Doctor is never at his best. How can he be? He is so intertwined with the Daleks, battled them so many times across time and space, you know that his mind is swirling in so many different directions at once. The one thing that sort of disappointed me was that the TARDIS was right there, *right there* and the Daleks went past it without note. Before, one of them has noticed that it's there and realized the Doctor was around. That would have changed their focus really quick. Their ancient enemy close to hand (or plunger) again. Yeah, I realize the whole point of this was for Rusty to be the one that killed the Daleks, but I would have liked them to at least realized the Doctor was there.

I think we're going to see Rusty again. Something is going to come up and he's going to show again. I cannot imagine the Moff just leaving him hanging around like that. It might be a few seasons away, but a Dalek that wants to kill Daleks? That's something that can do a lot of damage and create a few problems that the Doctor likely will be dealing with again.

The new companion, Danny. I kinda like him. He's got that awkward with a touch of steel that means he'll probably be a bit like Rory was at first. Or maybe Adric. I'm curious to find out what's going to happen with him. Also if he's going to stay when we lose Clara at Christmas. So many things to do and so little time to do them in. I do hope he doesn't faint the first time he sees the inside of the TARDIS. That would just be such a let down. *snickers*

Clara, as always, I adore. I don't wonder if maybe she's being a bit harder on the Doctor now because he asked her to be, but the smack was a bit much. It got him focused again, but still. Clara just reminds me so much of Romana II that it's almost painful at times. I do wish she would stay with the Doctor a little more than she does. He's better when he has a companion with him full time, or as close onto full time as possible. Especially this Doctor, trying to work so many things out. He needs someone with him, and he doesn't exactly have that right now.

As to the question, I'm afraid my answer is and always will be "Always, Doctor". It might be hidden at times, he might not want to be, but he is always a good man. Because sometimes the good man has to be the bad man.
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