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Bunch o' stuff

I talked with my computer teacher today because my Power Point project grade hadn't been posted with the rest of them. He said he remembered it and I'd done well. My topic was Police Procedular Crime Dramas from the 1950s thru 2008 (Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency, CSI).
I just went on the online gradebook to see if they were added. Yeah. I got a 53 out of 50 on it. That's the highest grade I've gotten in that class.

I guess there is no thirdly. Other than the code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules. Or I could tell how I proved I'm a total geek today in computer lab. The teacher was doing the final review and said "Ask me the questions bridge keeper I am not afraid." I'm the only one who laughed. And then he asked who had seen Stargate. I was one of two students. So he used dialing the gate as a way to teach relative and absolute addressing when none of the students knew what he was talking about in the first place. You have to love geeks.

And I got the best line ever for (most likely) Danny and Mandy. I was talking with one of the computer guys after class - he's also a friend of my kid brother's - and he told me that there was one time he and a couple of friends had the exact same conversation three times. Another kid called them on it and his reply was, "really. No wonder it sounded so familiar." I sooo have to use that. I won't go into the whole politics/religion/hallucinations conversation we then had.

My baseball team lost in the bottom of the 11th when they walked in the winning run. Booooooo.
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