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Journalism Class

It's a little sad to look at the credits for the guest speaker we had today in journalism and realize that when he stopped directing Emergency! was the year I was born (1979). And it's weird to have a Hollywood director come and talk to your journalism class when you're in north Idaho at a campus with roughly 10,000 students.
But we did. Chris Nyby II came to class today and talked with us. Other than Emergency! he also directed Hill Street Blues, Moonlighting, Perry Mason, Diagnosis Murder, and Walker Texas Ranger. I think it said he did 30 episodes of Emergency! So I was a total fan girl today. I took one of my DVDs with me to class and asked for his autograph.

He didn't really talk about shows earlier than Moonlighting but he was fun to listen to. It was really an honor to get a chance to meet him. And the director of the program took my picture with him. If I can track down a copy I'll put it up here as well.

Yeah, I'm totally a nerd. Or maybe a geek. Ro would say dork. *grin*
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