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30 days of GAC Day 13

Funniest moment in each each season

Okay, these are things that made me laugh. I don't know if they would make everyone laugh, but you all know that my sense of humor is a bit warped. It seems like more of the funny things come over the vlogs than do over the episodes, but the ones I've picked out have at least one thing that made me laugh. The things aren't always in a lockdown either, most of the time it's from when they're out walking around and talking with people. Also, I haven't seen some of these in a while, so my memory is a little sketchy. I'm sure there are funnier moments I'm forgetting about.

I'm going to cut this because it's long.

Season 1 - Edinburgh Vaults
     When they're looking for Greyfriers Cemetery and it starts raining on them. Zak makes the comment that it's sunny and it's raining. He's also the only one with an umbrella because the others have their cameras and gear. Then they get stuck in the middle of the road because of traffic. I don't know why it's so funny, other than I've been there too, and it made me laugh at the time and again when I saw it here.

Season 2 - Ancient Ram Inn
     The incubus. I've talked about it before. Overall this is a really creepy episode, but Zak's one comment to the incubus up in the witch's room just cracked me up.

Season 3 - Execution Rocks Lighthouse
     Fishing. Aside from them casting into the wind, they should have had a net to bring the fish in from the water. It also shows how quickly fish stories can grow. Oh well, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sh'mores are probably tastier in the end. *grins*

Season 4 - Kell's Irish Pub
     The wall of gum they find while walking around Seattle. I still can't believe Zak took a piece off the wall and chewed on it. *shudders* I think my reaction would've been closer onto Aaron's than anyone else's.

Season 5 - Tooele Hospital
     "Tooele you go to the store with me later?" The look on Zak's face, and the nurse commenting about figuring out why they were always locking Aaron alone somewhere. I don't know if Aaron really did clear anything up, but it's a good way to remember the correct name of the town.

Season 6 - Peabody-Whitehead Mansion
     The student union in the old brewery. That's just what you call ironic.

Season 7 - Tor House
     When Zak and Billy are setting up gear and Billy catches something and shouts across for Zak. I don't know why this part made me laugh, but it did.

Season 8 - Mustang Ranch
     Zak making the joke about Mark and Debbie Constantino having sex on camera to try and get the right energies going, and Mark agreeing. The look on Nick and Zak's faces. Debbie had the best reaction though. She just called her husband a "pervert" and went back to the investigation.

Season 9 - Myrtles Plantation
     Aaron and Zak in the mysterious moving bed. That's all.
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