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A Novel idea

Well, three actually. As in three more TDC novels which would make four total if I can get them written.

1) A copycat of the chainlink murder case the NY half of the community investigated in the fan fiction. The one where they'd find a clue only to be lead to the next dead body. The chief of detectives and his twin brother were the suspects. For the novel it would be way more expanded, take place in Miami with Mandy as the lead investigator. More history on the origins of the dragon communities.

2) Someone is writing fan fiction for CSI:Miami (or if I can't get permission a made up TV show) and the crime scenes are mirroring the fan fiction. The twist is that the author is innocent but the scenes are showing up before she posts them. More dragon history as well as research into dragon DNA.

3) Two young girls are dead at a local private school. They were outcasts and the only thing they have in common besides classmate abuse is one teacher. Journal entries from a new student who is also an outcast and is in trouble. This one would feature hunter history and research. Also a joint community meeting in Miami.

So does any of that sound interesting? *looks innocent*

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