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30 days of GAC Day 2

Your favorite episode and why

Hmmmm, I really, really like the ones in England, so let's go with a three, two, one count.

3) Ancient Ram Inn - this is the one with the succubus that Zak says is an incubus. The exact quote is "I'm going to put this recorder between by legs because I hear that's where the incubus likes it" and that about killed me.

2) Hellfire Caves - this one is interesting because it looks into the history of the nobility and what they could have gotten up to where no one could see them, or hold them accountable for their actions. Aaron was the one in the ritual this time and he got some pretty wicked evidence when he was alone down at the end of the caves.

1) Fort Horsted - this one though, this one is the coolest, and darkest of the three. (even with the incubus) The fort is a WWII era construction, but it was built on top of an ancient Anglo-Saxon cave/building area so there's something dark down in the caves. Given the suspected number of blood sacrifices, that didn't surprise anyone. The other fun part about this episode is the guys in the London Dungeon. Aaron gets to be the "victim" and have his tongue ripped out. Then the girl picks on Zak when they get into the court room.
"All right you lot, 'ands on your 'eads, cover up that 'aircut." and Zak just looks back at the camera like "what the heck?"
The gal goes on, "you're now in the court of the right honorable Judge to answer for your crimes again god, country, fashion."
And Zak again is like "what the heck?"
He ends up in the dock and, when he tells the judge he's from Vegas, that just sets the tone for the whole thing.
Okay, seriously, there is awesome evidence gathered in this episode and I love all the history presented as well. The London Dungeon is just a bonus to the whole thing.

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