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Episode 5 thoughts

Coulson wins ALL THE AWARDS!!!!

I love this man. He's very quickly moving into my top five favorite fictional characters of all time. Let's see: Joe Friday, Mike Stoker (I know, but I never met the men), Horatio Caine, Sherlock Holmes and Phil Coulson. Yeah, I think that's pretty much the top five right now. Tonight's episode just showed the range of emotions that can go across his face with the slightest twitch. Not to mention the COULSON FINGER OF DOOM. That is so what I'm calling that move.
Best line of the night from Coulson. "Aw crap, they gave him a name". I paused it there to laugh and decide that he won (again) for best line.

Best line of the night from May. "Get. Dressed." I was seriously waiting for her to show up. Maybe I've watched too many chase scenes in CSI: Miami, but it seems like Horatio always manages to show up at just the right time and place to end it, and I was so expecting May to do that. The more I see of this woman, the more she amazes me. I also love that she and Coulson used to spar. It makes me think that he's more BAMF than the movies are showing. Wonder if he spars with Nat, or sparred with Nat.

The other awesome was when May came to find Coulson after they got back from Skye's boyfriend's place. She doesn't do petty, which is something that really can be admired. You can totally tell that Coulson is expecting everyone on the team (and probably Fury) to say "I told you so" and not one of them did. Coulson is also really hinting that something happened when he was stabbed.
"When someone breaks into my house I usually don't invite them to stay. But that's me."
"That was me too, and then that alien staff went through my heart."
"Sure it didn't go through the brain?"
"You don't really do comforting either, do you?"

The chemistry between these two is so awesome. It's like you can totally believe they've been friends for years. It's not easy to make that happen and both actors pull it off brilliantly. Coulson and May are probably my two favorites on the show. I do adore FitzSimmons, but it's more of a want to cuddle adore than loving them, if that makes sense. Coulson and May, on the other hand, I have all the respect for them and love them both. As I've said, it's super rare for me to like a female character, but May is there. She was on the first episode, which is even rarer.

Turning to Skye, I was pretty much right. Michael and I had a discussion about who she's working for earlier today. He was waxing the lanes and I was early (with a new t-shirt, so that kicked it all off) and he said he could see her working both sides. I said she's working for herself. I'm actually happy that she's sort of getting another chance with SHIELD, but she's lost their trust, so things are going to be a lot harder for her now. I think that Coulson still sees something in her, something he's not even sure of, but wants to bring out. I did think it was hilarious when Coulson kicked the boyfriend off the plane in another country with no money and no way to get home. Guy totally deserved it. I think that he'll show back up where no one is expecting him.

So now I get to try to work all of this into one of my fan fiction pieces. I think it's workable with a couple of twists to it all. I'm trying to stay as close to the show as I can, but it's possible I'm going to have to go completely AU depending on how the show chooses to have Coulson still alive. It'll be interesting. So totally can't wait for next week. :) I'm in the time vortex. Hope this makes it to the correct journal.


Oct. 24th, 2013 02:30 am (UTC)
It was such a good episode. We also learned one language that Coulson does not speak. Either that or he was being sarcastic. Hard for me to tell. :) I still love the ending with Fury as my all time favorite part ever, but this episode is probably a close second.

Totally, and I think that he'll be slipping that bracelet before anyone really can work out what happened. I would have liked a bit more info on those bracelets, but maybe we'll get it over the next few episodes.


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