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Elton John

I just got home from an Elton John concert with Ro. Neither of us can figure out exactly how they managed to book him into Pullman, population 30,000 if that, in the middle of the wheat fields but he was here and he did two nights. And I don't know about Ro, but my hearing is still a little sketchy.
My folks bought the tickets for us and were going to go as well but one of their friends said she wanted to go with her husband so my mum and dad gave up their tickets. We were third tier but they were actually really good seats and we had a great view of not only the stage but also the video screen. Although both Ro and I have now developed an intense dislike of bright yellow lights. Yeah, there was a yellow spot light that kept hitting the both of us right in the eyes.
He puts on an awesome show. I knew going that it would be loud (it was) and fun (it was) but the energy was amazing. And, sad as this sounds, I think I had more fun watching the drummer than I did Elton John himself. The drummer was just cheeky and really played the camera whenever it was on him.
Half the time I couldn't tell exactly what was being sung owing to the sound level - hence the ears still ringing an hour and a half after the show - but I do know that some of my favorites were included and I heard a new one that would be perfect for my "First Time" story. I'll have to go find the lyrics and post them here. I thought Ro was going to go into shock when I told her I'd never heard that song before.
She's also going to be doing a review of the show and her camera worked better than mine did. I don't know how many pics she'll be putting up but here's her journal.
And my somewhat pathetic pictures. *grin*

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