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Riders in the Sky concert review and pics

I don't know that I've ever spoken on here about why the Riders are so important to me. They helped save my life back when I was fifteen and going through an extremely hard time, being bullied at school by both students and teachers. I never go into too much detail about that time of my life, but it is what it is, and it brought me four of the nicest men I've ever met in my life.

We left home just about eleven in the morning to head to Yakima. There's no easy way to get there from Pullman, so we were facing about a four and a half hour drive to get there. The concert started at six and I wanted to allow for problems, road work, and other issues. These are harvested wheat fields just outside Pullman heading towards Colfax. I took a lot of pics of the landscape because we went through wheat fields, scablands, onion and corn fields, apple orchards, the River, and hops fields before getting to Yakima. The only major land features we didn't get were the Cascade Mountains/Volcanoes, and Pudget Sound area. That would be more up towards Seattle. *grins* Mum drove, I navigated, and Bubba sat in the backseat and read on his kindle for the whole trip.

This is the scablands area. Lots of sagebrush, weeds, tumbleweeds and the like growing in this part of Washington. The area was scraped by glaciers at various points, forming the high rock walls, river beds, and even some farm areas where the glaciers dropped soil off. Most of our farming soil was brought in by the wind, though. This is a fun part of the state to drive through and see what it looks like, but I really wouldn't want to live here.

The Columbia River winding its way down to the Pacific Ocean. I should have told it to carry a message along to Perky for me. :) We went across that bridge and had about an hour and a half until we were in Yakima. By this point, I was just very ready to get out of the car and stretch, but the shoulders are so narrow on all these roads that it's really dangerous to do that unless it's an emergency. Which it wasn't, so I just lived with it. Didn't make it that much easier though.

Not long after we got into Yakima, a rain storm hit. We were just driving past the area where the concert was going to be held and I caught sight of Doug's hat on the stage. Turns out they were doing sound check during this storm. Doug commented during the show that the rain was blowing sideways when they were last out. I believe it. Mum found us a cute 50s theme diner for lunch. Neither of us eat fast food and Mum doesn't eat any meat but fish, so it can be really hard for the two of us to find places to eat while on the road. This place had really good fish and chips, so we both had those. I pulled the breading off the fish and just ate that and Mum ate my fries for me. It's been a year now since I cut potatoes out of my diet, and it certainly helps, so I don't go near them unless I have absolutely no choice. My dad had liver and onions. Mum and I both threatened to eat at another table for that one.

Then we went back to the fairgrounds. We found a cheap lot to park in, saved two dollars, and ended up with a bit of a walk, but it wasn't horrible. Bubba kept up with us and wasn't tired at all. You can tell he's been doing good with his PT lately. He was a bit grouchy about arriving so early, but we found him the beer garden and that made him happy. Mum and I parked him there, near the stage too, and went to look around at the animals and other displays. We looked at some of the animals first; the pygmy goats, some sheep, other goats, a yak, a water buffalo, a sacred cow from India, two types of cow from Africa, and some goats from Asia. I've never seen such an assortment of animals from around the world at a fair before, so that was pretty awesome. Then the crafts display, where they also had flowers. I'm having fun taking pictures of plants - as most of you know - so it was a fun chance for me to test my skills. Those are on pintrest if you're curious, in my random personal pictures board. This one, however, is my favorite of them all.

I don't know why lj is being so stupid about my pics loading. It drives me crazy when it starts doing things like this, especially when I want to post. There are days I swear I'm changing blog hosts. Might actually get around to it one of these days.

Okay, so anyway, after the flowers and crafts, I asked Mum if we could go back and take a look in the "Hall of Heroes" we'd passed on our way to drop Bubba off. She said we could, so we walked back down there and in. First thing you see is this wicked huge, probably prop-sized, Batmobile. I'll admit I just glanced at it because I saw this.

Suit from Iron Man 3, I believe. *Grins* I was on my way to take this picture of it, and I saw something that made me wibble.

THEY HAD A TARIDS THAT YOU COULD WALK INTO!!!!!! Mum took this for me. If I could have figured out how to take it home with me, it would have totally been mine. How awesome is this to find at a state fair? The Doctor Who offerings in the shop weren't nearly as neat, but THEY HAD A TARIDS. How is that not cool?? You can also see what shirt I chose to wear that day. *grins* That's my official Riders in the Sky jean jacket and my Sher-locked hoodie around my waist. Outdoor concerts are hit and miss for weather, so I wanted to be sure I'd be warm enough sitting outside after dark.

Then it was concert time. I'd managed front row seats on the Slim side of the stage, not counting on them having kids running video cameras for the screens. Those two were really pretty bloody annoying and blocked the view of the stage more often than not. Oh well, they'll learn as they get older. Now then, I think I have this number right. This was show number 6491, and it sounded like the first time they'd been in Yakima, or at least the first time in years and years. Doug spotted me first and recognized me, then Slim, Joey and Woody. It was really pretty awesome to see them all make eye contact and smile like they did. I didn't keep a list of songs, but I'll see what I can remember.
Texas Plains
How the Yodel was born
Cool Water
Fiddle medley
Dueling Faces (Mum was laughing really hard at this one)
Disney medley
Clarinet polka (without the clarinet)
Arms of my love
Timber Trail
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Orange Blossom Special
Requests (Surfin' USA)
Ghost Riders in the Sky
La Malaguena
Saddle Up
Land beyond the Sun
Sue City Sue
Happy Trails
I've cooked everything/Reincarnation
I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting and that's nowhere near the correct order for them. I wish I'd been fast enough to get my phone out for Timber Trail. I love that one and wish they would record it on a CD.
Woody and Joey were having a lot of fun down on there end of the stage. They kept bumping into each other and jumping, or Woody would be swinging his bow around, just fun. Slim was quacking during the Clarinet polka and, when Joey called him on it, did one very loud "QUACK" that made everyone jump. I'll admit to having the giggles for pretty much the whole show because they were all feeling good and did a very good show. Plus I was just happy to be back at a concert. Their concerts always make me so very happy. There's a certain magic about them that I can't really explain, but I think anyone who has seen them live will understand.
There was one point I felt a little guilty about. It was during their talking about the Grammy awards and how the "I remember rap" tour would be coming to Yakima. I was laughing so hard I had to lean on my father because I was having a lot of trouble breathing. Doug caught my eye and he got the giggles too. I know it was me because they weren't saying anything funny at that point in time. Otherwise, I was on my best behavior for the show. I also think that Doug was waiting for me to yell Surfin' USA during the requests, but I didn't. Slim pretended to hear someone yell it though. I didn't know they still did that in the show. *grins* The look on Doug's face when Slim said "get down, Ranger Doug." It always makes me smile.
After the show, we went to the Merc to wait for the guys to come around. I caught Joey and Slim on their way, and Joey said "Cannifer" and then couldn't figure out where it came from. lol. I think he was trying to mix Conifer and Alexandra together and came out with that one. He's such a sweetheart. I waited until near the end because I wanted a picture with each of them and had to keep Mum calm. She wanted to get on the road as fast as we could because she had to work this morning. I get to sleep until noon before I go to work, so I wasn't as worried about it.
Doug was first and he was trying to work out how long it'd been since we saw each other. I had a chance to tell him about the family moving, so it's possible I'll be able to get to more concerts starting next year. I wish I had brought the book I wrote (I have a spare copy sitting in my desk) but I forgot. I wanted to give it to them.

Next was Joey and I got a hug and two kisses from him. Not the best pic of me, but my hair is tucked into my hoodie and it's an odd angle. I think I grabbed him before he could stand up. *grins* This man right here gives the best hugs in the world. I don't know if it's because he plays the accordion or if it's just because he's a huge teddy bear, but I love getting hugs from him. He is also one of the sweetest men I've met.

Then Slim who gave me about as big a hug as he always does. :) I didn't look at the pictures at the fair, but when I saw this one of me with Slim today, I had to laugh. I have more pictures of Woody in the background when I'm with one of the others. He's just a master at it. One of my favorites, because Woody was always getting in the back of my pictures with Joey, I'm hugging Woody and Joey popped up in the background. :)

And finally Woody. I had to tell Woody that my brother just got his PhD in plasma physics. Woody asked if Remington would be playing fiddle in a cowboy band now. Mum and I both laughed at that one. I told him that Rem is working for the Navy for his post doc, but I wasn't sure what he was doing there. Woody said if it's the Navy, it's subs and nothing for it. Mum asked him what the formula on his shirt meant and Woody told her it was a secret. I know he's told me at some point what it means, but I'll be deuced if I can remember. I wish I hadn't tucked my hair into my hoodie like I did. It looks funky. Slim took a step back so I could get this picture with Woody. I'm kinda in Slim's spot. :)
Really did not want the night to end, but it had to. If I hadn't had Mum biting at the bit to leave, I probably would have hung out until more of the fans were gone and talked with the guys some more. That's the one down side to having her along. I know she enjoys the shows and doesn't mind taking me to them, but when her schedule is upset, she gets fidgety. So then we faced the drive home. Mum drove because I was battling a headache, which only got worse the closer we got to home. *sighs* We had a 13 hour day and about eight and a half of those were spent driving. It was worth it though. However long it's been since my last concert, it's been too bloody long. I am not going to let it go that long before I go to another show. Seeing them smile and how happy they were to see me, it makes me wonder if they had wondered what happened to me. I wasn't able to get time off, and I know my Cyberpals would have let them know I was okay, but it makes me miss having missed the shows even more.

So I'm still kinda floating from the concert yesterday. So many hugs from my favorite guys. It just makes life seem better, somehow. If you ever get a chance to go see them live, do. It'll change your view on life forever, in a very good way. I know I'm very lucky to have found them, and even luckier to have the chance to get to meet them and even consider them friends. Let's put it this way, not even Anderson could spoil my mood today at work.
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