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Weird day

 I had a really weird day at school today.

It started when my alarm didn't go off and I, somehow, managed to wake up two minutes after I was supposed to anyway. I walked through the inch of new snow to campus for my 0830 class and found out that Doctor Chambers (strange Englishman he is) wanted to start the day with a film on pirate ships. He waited until they were out on the ocean to suddenly grab the movie screen and wave it back and forth so the water was going one way and the screen was going the other. I'm one of those rare people who can get seasick on dry land. So yeah, it was funny but I had to close my eyes for five minutes.
Next class is journalism. We had a guest speaker and he's going along when all of a sudden the department head shows up with the professor's family. It's the teacher's 40th birthday so the mom got the kids out of school to come up and wish him happy birthday. The guest speaker was a little surprised when the department head made the class sing happy birthday. But we did get candy out of the deal.
Then there's computer science and I don't think I can pass on all the in-jokes we have running there. There are three smart-asses who sit directly behind me and like to heckle the teacher. He just heckles back. But we were talking about the internet and e-commerce today and also security. He did give us an awesome web site to check out       www.Thinkgeek.com       I'm so shopping for my kid brother and his girlfriend there.
And then there was Chemistry. I missed last week as I was sick. But I emailed the professor for the assignment. He came in today, looked at me and asked what the hell he was supposed to be teaching today. I told him that he told me Lewis Dot Diagrams and Molecular Geometry. So that's what we did. For 20 minutes of a 50 minute class. Then no one had any questions. So he told us a joke.
                                There were two hunters walking through the woods when one of them suddenly fell over, not breathing
                                 and his eyes were rolled back in his head. His friend called 911 and said that his friend was dead. The
                                911 operator told him, calmly, that they needed to make sure his friend was dead. There was silence for
                                a moment, then a gun shot. The guy came back on the phone and asked now what?
He said that was voted the funniest joke in the world. I told him I thought the Sherlock Holmes joke was the funniest in the world and he said it must have been overturned. The rest of the class was like "huh?" So one kid asked Doc Edwards if he could balance. She didn't finish the sentence so Doc Edwards stood on one foot with his arms out to the side. I was laughing pretty hard at this point. So she asked him if he could balance a chemical equation. I was so happy when he refrained from saying yes and leaving it at that because I probably would've fallen out of my chair laughing at that point. So he gave us the following problem.
C8O18+o2 = CO2 +H2O
and told us to balance it. We got the eight carbons on the right and then he asked about the waters. One girl asked if it was nine. He asked if that was a question or an answer. She said both. He said it had to be one or the other. The general consensis was that its nine. He said "ya! nein!" and came back down towards the chalkboard, passing me just as I rolled my eyes. He told me not to roll my eyes and asked me what I thought it was. I told him nine. Which it ended up being with 25/2 O2 on the left. I was the only one who got the joke that he was speaking German there rather than just giving the answer. After that there were no more questions so he asked what else he should do. I was thinking the only thing left was to juggle. Then he asked if he should juggle. It's a little scary my mind is wired like that. And he juggled for us. Then he let us go and that was the end of the school day. I'm still laughing about Chemistry class.
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