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Novel update

I know, I've been a bad fan fiction updater the past few days. Between weather and fibro issues, I can't make my brain think. That's not to say I have been doing nothing, I've been editing the new dragon novel. I'm hoping to be able to print it out for my father to look at over the weekend.

This one deals with a mystery substance, and Holmes is right that they need to name it, that could be a biological weapon of mass destruction. In spite of that, John sends Leigh out on a short field posting because he believes she'll do more good in the field than she will in the lab. There's problems with the vampire court and more problems overseas. I'm quite happy with the story, even if John's move sending Leigh out into the field doesn't make any sense.

As always, if you buy one of the books, could you please leave me a review on amazon? I'm always curious to see what folks think of my writing. 
Tags: dragons, novel: dark consequences

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