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Things that can really ruin your day....

1) Two inches of snow on the ground first thing in the morning. Then having to walk over a mile in it for classes.
2) Finding out you didn't actually have to go to said classes because the teacher is worthless and you already had the homework done.
3) Getting a 48% on your chemistry exam.
4) Finding reviews like this on your fan fiction pieces
                                 I really find this a great story but there seems to be no update wich rather puts me of im not going to keep looking if there's ever going to be another part 
                                 sorry i lost my temper had a rather bad day i really din't mean to wright such a thing i stll like the story and can wait. i just mean to say sorry.

Those are from the same person. I'll admit I've been thinking about pulling my Harry Potter fics that are unfinished and then reposting them if/when I ever get them done. *sigh* And the question becomes, how the hell do you respond to that politely.
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