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Book covers and life


I'm showing off my novel covers because I think they're pretty. *grins* They're in order of publication too.

I wish I could just slap everyone here and go home. Yeah, I'm at work. I'm also the only one who showed up on time for the shift today. Security got here 15 minutes late, cage 20, and pit boss 30. It just drives me up the wall, it really does. I'm never late, I take a great deal of pride in that, but I know that if I was, I'd have Nash on the phone trying to figure out where I am. Just one thing, of many, that drives me mad around this place. The best part of the day is when security radio'd to say they were going in to get new cards. I said only if everyone has their name tags on - because the cards are in a secure room - and he said it was just him and the pit boss going in for cards. Oooooh, I wanted to give him such a pinch. He's new and still learning though, so I'm holding back my sarcasm. It's not easy, but I'm holding it back. He's going to be in for a shock one of these days though. There's a reason security usually warns about me when they're training. *grins*
Tags: novel: busy season, novel: deadly consequences, novel: poetry in arson, novel: the nightmare

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