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No such thing

My Mum was watching CSI: Miami tonight and I went downstairs when I heard Horatio's voice and the theme music. I waited through the commercials to see if I could guess the episode. I knew it was an early one because Speed was in the title sequence.
So I saw the first two seconds of it which was park and ocean. I said to my mum that it looked like the episode where the porn star was murdered. She told me it was and that I'd watched far too much of the show if I could pick it out from just seeing the park. I didn't have the heart to tell her there's no such thing as too much CSI. *grin* Besides, she's only watching it to try and figure out why I think Horatio is so hot.

I've started putting together my web page for my computer science class. There's not much up at this point but the topic is TDC so if you guys are interested in watching the development
is the address. There are going to be spoilers on there and I had to lie outright about the nature of the bond between dragon and human for two reasons. One, any sexual content of any kind could get me a zero on the project. Two, it would violate the UI's web content policy. There are days I wonder about my school and my state.
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