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Teachers are the craziest peoples

That mainly applies to my chemistry professor - the one with the short term memory loss. Trust me, that makes class vvvvveeeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy interesting. And not in a good way. Anyhoo, our first chance to take the final is a week from tomorrow. If we pass we don't have to go to class for the remaining month of school, which is roughly four classes for this section. If we fail we keep going to class and take the final during finals week. So its not exactly a bad situation. The catch is that we have to have all 19 online quizzes done by next Wednesday with an 85% or better to take the final. I figure I'm going to fail the first time around anyway so I'm working my rear off to get these quizzes done.
Now I've talked with my teacher (a full tenured professor mind) about the quizzes and he says do them first and THEN read the chapter about them. *scratches head* That makes no sense to me but okay, whatever, he's the teacher. So I have to do two quizzes today and I chose Lewis diagrams and pH factors. I do the first quiz the first time and get a 1/10 on it. I go and read the book. I do the quiz a second time and get a 10/10 on it. Do you think maybe there's an extra step in here somewhere?? lol. I really do. So I'm going to try and read the chapter first and then take the pH quiz and see where that gets me.
But is it right to absolutely hate your major???
The plus side to all this is Idaho has a severe lack of forensic scientists so I might be able to stay in the area after I graduate. I'd really like that.

Oh, and my Ceesau CD shipped today. I'm so excited about that. YAY!!
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