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New rule for spring break

The time off from school doesn't count if you get sick in the beginning of your break!!!!!
My parents concocted a new chicken dish that they thought I'd be able to eat even with my food allergies. Yeah, about that. I woke up at two in the morning sick as a bloody dog and my system - which is pretty sensitive already from the fibro - is still feeling lousy. So I've spent my entire break in bed resting. Well, okay, apart from watching CSI New York and InuYasha with Ro yesterday. She's determined not to like CSI NY because its so bloody and graphic and yet every time I tell her to look away from the TV she automatically looks up. I told her if she has nightmares it's so not my fault. And she likes Flack (and Danny and Mac) so there is a fairly good reason for her to watch these.
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