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letter meme

scifirogue-kane gave me the letter H. I must come up with 10 things I like starting with the letter H and one thing that I don't like. Comment and I will give you a letter.
1) Horatio Caine - Does this one really need an explaination? I love the red hair, the sunglasses, the blue eyes, the control, the compassion, the gentle nature. Okay, I'm going to stop now. :)
2) Home - I like to be near or with my parents.
3) Horses - One of the two good things my karate teacher did was teach me how to ride. I love being out in the woods on horseback. But I don't ride anymore. That's one of the bad things she did.
4) Holmes - As in Sherlock Holmes. He's my idol.
5) History - If I could make a career of it I'd so be a history major. I love learning about the past.
6) Hoses - Stop laughing Ro and get your mind out of the gutter. *sheesh* I've got this thing for firefighters.....
7) Harry Potter - Okay, technically Severus Snape but I do love the books and the movies.
8) Humor - I love things that make me laugh: from cartoons to puns to even CSI or Supernatural.
9) Honesty - I like to know where I stand with folks.
10) Hugs - Or "pugs" if my dog is getting a hug. I'm not a tactile person but there are times when a hug makes you feel better.

1) Hatred - It really bugs me that people can be so mean to others based on so petty a complaint.
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