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stupid teachers

I think I mentioned that I had a paper due in my journalism/mass media class on writing for television shows. The only and I mean only reason I'm taking this class is I need it to be able to get into the sound and video editing classes I'll need later on. This teacher is one of the single most disorganized men I've ever seen in a classroom and I've had some really bad teachers. The worst one was a local judge who taught Criminal Law - and hates cops. He spent half a class making fun of the firefighters and cops who were at Ground Zero when they ran from the building collapse. Luckilly he was voted out of office not long after that. And he's not teaching any more. *scowl* I wanted to smack him so bad.
But anyway, the media teacher made the assignment as a career plan. Well, I'm not planning to go into a media based career and made it a point to talk with him about it. I did the paper minus the career plan and he said that was fine seeing as I'm a chemistry major studying forensics. He also told me that he would grade it because it would confuse the TAs who do all his grading for him. So on the day it was due I handed it to him rather than turning it in with the other papers that were going to the TAs and reminded him that it needed his attention.
What does he do? He promises he'll keep it separate and read/grade it himself. So I'm thinking, okay, that worked out for the best.
Then I get the paper back.
With the TA's handwriting all over it.
And a much lower grade than I should have got as they took off for not doing the career plan.
Now I don't get mad easy but I do get ticked off fairly easily and decided that as my first instinct was to Gibbs' smack him in the classroom I needed to take a day or two to calm down and then talk with him. But I'm thinking 'why bother' because I did get an 87% on the paper and I don't think a point or two will make that much difference.
But it bugs me that he told me TWICE that he would be sure to grade it and then just dismissed me like that. I do know that I'm so not taking another course from him.
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