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Because I can


   I just finished updated every single one of my WIPs - not counting Outside Influences - and thought I'd celebrate with an excerpt from the TDC novel. I've never been to New York before so I'm going off of what I've seen on TV. Anything silly that they could have bumped into please let me know.
My dad is currently editing the manuscript and then I have two quick inserts to make. And then its off to the publishing house. *sigh* There are days if I wonder if I'm as crazy as I think I am.

“We did,” Mike replied. “Allen is a whiz when it comes to guns and ballistic evidence and we found that it actually links back to an older case that went cold.” He broke off and sniffed the air. “Chris and Scott are here.”

            Michael looked around. “How do you know?”

            “We need to teach you to use those dragon senses of yours,” Jack said as he joined the others on the deck. “They could be the only things that save your life, or Mandy’s, one of these days.”

            “Let me have him for a week and I’ll teach him a few tricks,” Chris said from the side of the deck. He had sunglasses on over his pale gray eyes but otherwise looked the same as he did the last time Michael had seen him in Seattle and he wondered if Chris always dressed the same when he was away from work.

            Mandy snorted and stood to hug both Chris and Scott. “I seem to recall Mark walking into a few buildings when you put him through that,” she said. “Not to mention people, traffic, manhole covers, sewer grates, trees…”

            “Cats, dogs, hot dog venders, street performers, birds,” Scott continued with a grin.

            “The point it,” Chris said glaring at his human and unofficially adopted daughter, “that some of your five senses are sharper now than they were when you were still a human and that’s a tool you can use to your advantage.”

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