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I hate this day

A few years ago my ex-boyfriend dumped me on the 14th of Feb to be with his now wife. *sigh* So I've hated it ever since. Ro hates it as well so when I was walking home from school I decided that it should be a different holiday for those of us who absolutely hate it.

So Happy Lief Erikson Day!!!
(It's a Spongebob thing)

Seriously, I loved tonight's Supernatural but I have to wonder exactly how long it'll be before we start seeing fan fiction based off it because there were some seriously slashed moments in there. My favorite, and probably the one I'll be using was when Dean looked at Sam and said
"I get all tingly when you take control."
But I was in tears at the end because I love Bobby so much. I couldn't watch. And now I can't wait for next week.
And then the end of March/early April when the new shows will be back on again.

And I might be going back to work part time at the casino again. 
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