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30 days of Sherlock - Day 26

Favourite Sherlock crew member

I checked a page and, technically, Gatiss is listed as both cast and crew because he's co-creator, writer and actor for Sherlock. But as he already had a day on this meme, I'm going with his co-troll for favorite crew member. Besides, without these two, we wouldn't even *have* Sherlock. But I don't know that there's much call for this.


Then we have this. He's talking about RAT, WEDDING, BOW, the three words that they told us yesterday. They knew exactly what the fandom was going to do and are feeding the flames so they can sit back and watch us.

“We have three new words –WHICH MAY BE MISLEADING, ARE NOT TITLES, are only teases or possibly clues, BUT MIGHT BE DELIBERATELY DESIGNED TO GET YOU INTO A LATHER. Who knows?” said Moffat.


I agree with David.
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