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Three words for season 3

I'll update with my own speculations when I get to work. I'm not feeling good and had a lie in. (perky and i were up a little late with youtube, but OMG. QI is such win). before they start filming each season, so far, Moffat and Gatiss release three words for the season. Last season it was Woman, Hound, Fall (i think). They just announced the three for the upcoming season and the fandom has EXPLODED. i can picture the trolls laughing over all of this. i really can. this is from the tumblr i love so much.


Pastiche, The Giant Rat of Sumatra. We know that The Empty House will be the first episode, but they always conflate numerous stories into one. Curly is silently hoping for Rattigan. Could also relate to Boscombe.


Fairly obviously this’ll be The Sign of Four with Mary Morstan (WHO IS AWESOME, CALM YOUR TITS). Could have elements of Charles Augustus Milverton where Holmes gets engaged to a maid to get info and then.. leaves… a wedding was also threatened in Charles Augustus Milverton (John & Mary’s wedding threatened (not by a cockblocking Sherlock?)), and a bride went AWOL in The Noble Bachelor. The Illustrious Client also has wedding trouble in it. AND Solitary Cyclist had wedding stuff. SO MANY WEDDINGS!


Immediately think of His Last Bow, which is the last Holmes story and he goes to chill out with some bees. However, they’ve all said they want to keep doing them, so I refuse to believe this is it.

Mattias pointed out this may be referencing the Bow Street Runners, which were the first police force in London.

Also, not sure of the pronunciation, but what if it’s a part of a tree or the front of a boat? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

The inflection was apparently like taking a bow. #sobs

BUT! His Last Bow is the title of a COLLECTION of stories and this includes The Dying Detective… if we wanted to kill Sherlock… again…


However the amazing Kristen McHugh just tweeted this to us… AND I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I WANT THIS!

@kristenmchugh22 @BakerStBabes What if Moran/Morstan are the same, & there’s a Rat at the Wedding in more ways than one? #sherlock

And more thoughts from you fine folk:

thenorwoodbuilder said: “Rat” was also partial for “(Balla)rat” in BOSC. And they could use part of the plot from his last bow, but not make it the end of the show…

bakerstreetbarricades: They never take the ACD stories literally - so what if “Bow” simply means that they will be doing kind of a spy story?

aurora-boreali said: OMG! Wedding could very well be The Solitary Cyclist, one of my faves!

cranberryloops said: I’m now convinced the first episode will start with Sherlock being on a ship, making his childhood dream come true and being a PIRATE.

cranberryloops said: I’m now convinced the first episode will start with Sherlock being on a ship, making his childhood dream come true and being a PIRATE.

Okay, so, the trolls have already announced that the base for the first one is Empty House, but that things aren't going to be cannon. Gatiss is writing this one and, considering what he did with Hound, I rather have a feeling that Sherlock is going to end up being punched rather hard when he comes back. RAT, my first though was the Giant Rat, a tale for which the world was not yet prepared back when ACD was writing the cannon. My feeling, however, is that rat is linked into Moriarty. I'm not exactly sure how it's linked in, but I really do have a feeling they're going to do something with this. Moffat has also trolled us and said that Moriarty is still alive, but that might just be him feeding the fandom. He likes to do that. It's also possible that the rat could be Sherlock himself. As in, "he's a rat for faking his death and vanishing for 3 years (or however long the hiatus is in this show) without telling anyone." I really get the feeling that Mycroft doesn't know that Sherlock is still alive, or didn't know at the end of season 2. Considering how he talked to Moriarty, I think Sherlock would have a hard time trusting him to keep a secret. Molly knows and I rather suspect Mrs. Hudson does too. John won't until the show starts back up. I'm not sure about Lestrade, but this is my guess for how Mycroft finds out. (based on the trollage) He's in the shower and Sherlock turns up and scares him so badly that he faints and almost drowns. *giggles* It would explain why they're so excited about the shower scene and why Mark is already going to the gym. But, as Perky points out, if someone is getting married, then there's wedding showers. Sherlock could return at John's shower and that could set up the fight.

WEDDING is a harder one as there are so many things it could mean. The obvious is, of course, that John is marrying Mary as he did in the cannon. Given Sherlock's Sherlockage, I seriously doubt he's the one getting married, but in the case with CAM, he does get engaged to one of the house girls. There are a number of cannon stories that have weddings in them - see above - so it's hard to figure out what they're doing. My guess is that it's John. The question is who the bride is. Fandom has said both Mary - an unknown at this time - or Molly. Either way, other Steve is writing this one, so it should be good.

BOW. This one is the hardest to figure out of them all. So many people are freaking out because there have been news articles saying that Ben is tired of acting in TV dramas, so season 3 will be the last one made. I'm holding out hope that Ben will stick with what he said about doing these for as long as they want him to. Besides, Moffat has said that season 3 will end on a bigger cliffie than season 2 did. Granted, that could be trollage, but at the same time, I think he's serious about that. He's also the one writing the finale. (I am both thrilled and horrified by this fact) The obvious thought is "The Last Bow" which is the last cannon story written when Holmes and Watson are working for the British government (read: Mycroft) in WWI. They're also in their 60s. This seems a little too ambitious and way too much of a gap for the show. My thought is the story that comes immediately before this in the cannon, Valley of Fear, because it has Moriarty in it. But the trolls have also said that they're going to have a bigger mastermind than Moriarty running about, so who knows there. That's the problem with trolls, you never know if what they're saying is true or not until the damn show airs. Like the hint they gave at the end of season 1 on how the bombing was survived. "Staying Alive." I cannot hear that song without giggling now. Back to BOW. Someone who was at the announcement said that it was said like "take a bow" rather than bow (like bow tie or violin bow) so that's fueling the fears that the show is over in three more episodes. Just thought of something. There is one time Holmes does actually take a bow for solving a case. I wonder if they could be doing that. I need to go check my cannon. Where's my kindle?

and, of course, Gatiss had to show us how big a troll he is. this was his tweet on the train.

Off to Edinburgh for  event at the TV festival. I'm revealing the 'three words' for S3 early. Pipe. Slippers. Bed. There you go.

the man is horrible. *grins* why do i love him so much???

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