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????? $%^^$%$#%^ ??????

will someone please tell me why the hell i have a mental image of a zombie Sherlock walking into NSY saying "brains" and running into Anderson, looking at him and then walking off again.

THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! what's worse is that i don't know if i saw it somewhere in the fandom or if it's my warped brain coming up with things again.

also, had an argument with mum tonight. (note that she doesn't watch the whole episode at any given time) i commented that Moriarty is coming back in season 3 and no one can work out how they're going to be doing that. she pointed out that he jumped off a building so no one knows how he survived. i said, no, Sherlock is the one who jumped and Moriarty shot himself in the head. mum maintains that Moriarty jumped. i either need to get her to read the cannon story or tie her to a chair and make her watch the last half hour of Fall. or maybe a slide show. that could work too.

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