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5 things meme

from scripps. my five things are as follows:

Favourite Character: Sherlock Holmes. I first read one of Doyle's short stories in either 7th or 8th grade English class. I'm fairly sure it was 8th grade. The Red-Headed League. I was hooked. I went and found the cannon and the man became my idol. Holmes, not Doyle. :) He remains so to this day. It doesn't matter how many times I read the cannon stories, they never get old for me, and I often will find something new in them.

Best Thing You Ever Ate:  Hands down, my grandmother's farm cookies. They honestly have little to no taste, take five minutes to chew each bite before you can swallow, but they taste of love. I think she created them on the family farm during the Great Depression as they're flour cookies with sugar, butter, cinnamon and a couple of other spices in. I haven't had farm cookies in years. No one makes them like she did.

Music: There is very little in the realm of music that I do not like, however, that said, there are four men who are very dear to my heart. Riders in the Sky. They helped me through a very, very dark time in my life and, to this day, will make me smile when I hear one of their songs. One of the best things that ever happened for me was getting a chance to meet them and become a friend of theirs. If you haven't listened to them before, they have videos up on youtube. Check them out. Just good music with a very wry since of humor mixed into it.

Travel: Oh, I love to travel. It isn't easy for me because of my health, but I normally allow a day or two on each end to allow for recovery time. I've been to England, the Caribbean, Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, around the USA, Mexico, up to Alaska, and on a few small islands around Australia. I've been traveling my whole life and don't plan to stop any time soon. I really want to go back to England and spend more time in London. I love London. I felt so at home there that I could see myself moving to that great city some day. I really could. Pity it's so expensive.

Biggest Change The Internet Has Had On Your Life: This one would have to be considered a tie between making some absolutely remarkable friends and my research being easier. It really would. I think I almost have to go with research here, however. I live in a university town, so it was never a problem to get to a good library - and the uni one beats out the county hands down - but the university campus is across town, so it's a good two or three mile hike. That was the harder part. Having the internet available, especially at two in the morning when I needed some obscure crime reference for a story, has made research a lot easier. Now, that said, most professors ban the internet as a source in their classes up there. Something about Wikipedia being the only source cited in term papers......I wonder if students are getting dumber.

if you'd like five things to talk about, let me know. i'm not really in a creative/thinking mode right now, but i'll do my best.

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