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Least Expect Links

Seriously, I am so not going to do this hotel room justice. You're going to have to see it for yourselves because the mafia princess and I were laughing so hard at it, and typing laughter doesn't really work but the idea came across, because it's just so priceless. I can so picture the looks on Mac and Horatio's faces when they first step in. Click on the picture next to the text description of the penthouse suite to see the room. Its priceless and so totally perfect.
Also, I picked out a nice restaurant for Mac and Horatio to eat at. I'm not going to describe the meals in the story, just use the names as I did for another piece so I wanted to post the link here as well.
It looks like a really nice place and if I ever hit Palm Beach Florida I'm gonna check it out. Hell, I might even stay in the *snicker* Penthouse.

And I still say thoughts of jelly beans shouldn't be dirty and lead to PWP bunnies.
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