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I read the translation right! It's the Hirokitachi on Hiro's monthly radio show. The page updated. I cannot *wait* to get home and record this one. And fangirl over it. And listen to it over and over and over again. I cannot believe I get the Hirokitachi for the radio show. I'm so wicked excited. Just looking at the pic of them together is making me giggle. Sexy voices are just a bonus here. I want to go home now, but I'm working an long shift today so Jason can come in a little late. Or I wish I could listen to it now and when I get home. Why can't I listen to it now? I deserve something good. For some reason, Ro is working today so I have to deal with her face all day today. Come on, let me have something good. (come on, make him French) I love sexy oniisan too. lol. Now that would be a win show. Hiro and Masaya together. How many beeps would we have in one hour? Oh, I'm so excited. I just know the shift is going to totally drag by and I'll be sleepy when I get home. Not that it matters, I'm listening to this no matter what happens. I've been waiting patiently for the show to post to see if I had read Twitter right. And I had. It's the Hirokitachi. Hirokitachi for the win. I am so excited.

for anyone who doesn't know, the Hirokitachi are Takahashi Hiroki (Japan) and Yasumoto Hiroki (Germany). Two men with super sexy voices and exceedingly huge dorkage ratios.
sexy oniisan is Onosaka Masaya (France)

yes, I'm using Hetalia for my reference point today. lol. I don't know why. Well, I don't think Hiroki-san has joined the tenipuri dorkage yet. they are all in Bleach, however.
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