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High Stakes note and soon to be update

hey everyone. how long as it been since i posted anything about the story High Stakes? don't answer that. *grins*

you will probably note that i have updated the WARNINGS on the story. i will point that out in the new chapter when i post it, most likely tonight unless i can find a way to type it up before then. i'm at work hand writing it right now, so i would guess late tonight, early tomorrow for an update on it. Peter has finally made an appearance and he's shaking everything up. 

here's my notes page on this story...


for new friends, High Stakes is a House/CSI Miami crossover vampire story. it's on my two archive pages and i haven't updated it in far too long. i don't want to say that this one is almost done as i scent a sequel if Peter has his way, but we'll see what happens while i'm writing today. i still have to deal with things up in NJ. that could take a few chapters depending on how much detail i want to go into.

same note as always. DO NOT FLAME ME ON MY STORIES. i write what the story wants me to. does this lose me readers, yes. it does. i know it does. there are people who used to be here for every story and i haven't heard from them in two years. but i write to write. it makes me happy. it makes me cry. flames also make me cry. that's not nice. watch your words, please.
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