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In a corner - kinda

After many hours of research and slogging through page after page of WGA strike related material I finally found a rough pay scale and enough info to write my *snicker* three page double spaced term paper on a career in TV script writing. They're big on capturing character voice and feel of the show and I want to include a fan fiction piece when I turn in the paper. But I don't want to turn in a slash piece as I don't think my (male) teacher would appreciate it and I do need a good grade in the class. Oh boy, I can so picture the look on his face.
Anyway, the one I was going to do is too long and has some serious slash overtones so I think I'll just turn it into a piece for you guys and have done with it.

I'm trying to think if "Shirts" is the only gen fic I've written. Well, I suppose there is "Walking with Death" but the teacher doesn't strike me as a Pratchett fan so he probably wouldn't get that one. I wonder if I can actually write a two or three page general fic. It'll be interesting to try - that's for sure.

Oh, and the evil bunny is posted. Five chapters with a twist at the end. It's dark but I like how it turned out. In a rather strange, disturbing way that is. :)
Tags: fan fiction, rant, school

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