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evil plot bunny

And I don't mean in the sense that he won't leave me alone. I'm seriously debating posting this fic because it's dark. It's evil and we're talking seriously OOC for one of the characters.
My best friend was pet-sitting this weekend so I went to keep her company (and take a break from homework) and watch movies. She's been after me for watching CSI:NY without her. The only real reason (okay, two) she watched NY is Mac and, as we still call him, "Jimmy Craig". Hey, that's the first movie I saw Eddie Cahill in and I didn't even *like* hockey at the time. I blame Ro - who blames the cat.
We got through a couple of discs, there was a power failure and an incident with the dog's head and my busted knee. I think that's enough said there. But at the end of "Outside Man" Danny just looked so sad that I could literally see Mac going over to him and running a hand through his hair.
Then this evil plot bunny showed up last night and demanded to be written. So I'm working on it but, if I do post it, it'll have MAJOR warnings on it because, as I said, this one is dark and twisted. Evil I tell you, evil. *ahem* Sorry, casino joke.

And this is after five hours of Chemistry where I found out my father is just as rusty as I am at the math involved. But I did get a 91, after two tries, on the first homework so I suppose that's a good thing. Up next volume and metric conversions. Yay.
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