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Sakura Con day 2

OMHG! at 0500 the people in the room next to us slammed the door like ten times in a row. i'm not talking about letting a weighted door fall shut on its own. nope, not in the least, they were slamming it. and giggling loudly. it woke both me and ro up, i'm not sure about perky, but ro and i are both totally exhausted right now. but that's also getting ahead of myself. :) yeah, i'm that tired.
we got up and nibbed some breakfast before changing into our costumes and pack perky up for her to change hotels and headed out into town. we took the lite rail back into Seattle and up into the Westlake station. for those who don't know the area, ro and i are staying out in Sea-Tac, which is where the airport is so we're technically not in Seattle unless we're at the con or walking around town. i just tend to say Seattle regardless. but i suppose it does get confusing. anyway, it's about a 45 minute ride for us each way. amanda beat us to the hotel and, while she wasn't able to change into her costume right away, we decided to head to the con with a couple of exceptions. i was about to fall over so i had to sit down and eat and not move for a bit so ro and i went to the con and ate some sandwiches we'd brought with us while perky and amanda went to lunch and then came to join us. while we were all just sitting around talking, a guy came up and asked me if he could get a picture with me. i asked him if he wanted just me or the whole team. i really think he wanted just me because he stood next to me in the picture, but he said the whole team so ro and perky joined with the bears. :) he also said he was going to be dressing up as momo tomorrow so we're hoping to run into him again to get pics. we also say a fuji, eiji, kaidoh set and got their picture. they're going to meet up with some other friends and say they're going to have a full seigaku team tomorrow. so that would be pretty awesome.
the downside to all of this is we had some crazy fan girls show up and start fan girling over us. and one other one who had major attitude who told us all about how long she had played Atobe and how awesome an Atobe she was and blah blah blah blah. i have a feeling that she was one of the crazy fan girls - the one who kept hitting on ro - because i pulled out Gen-kuma and she didn't even react and we had showed the crazed fan girls the bears. but it could also have been that she was just too cool to react to cute teddy bears in hand-made custom costumes. either way, she said she's bringing Atobe's cosplay to K-con down in Portland and we should plan some stuff. ro and i kinda agreed just to get rid of her. we could barely get a word in edgewise. she knew *everything* and was going to tell us about it whether we knew or not. but that's life at a con for you. you can't exactly tell people to shut up. *snorts*
and i realized something today. you could bring a video camera to a convention and make training videos of "how to treat people when you are in a long line" or "how to react to odd people" and then the nerds could once again rule the world. gefufufufuuuu. yes, there is a reason for this. ro and i went to see Morita Masakazu to try and get his autograph. he voices ichigo in bleach, tashiro in PoT, and "Bunny" in tiger and bunny. those are the highlights. okay, well, i really shouldn't have said "try" to get his autograph, but it was rather doubtful there for a bit if we would or not because we were in the overflow line. but we both did. he was such a sweetheart because he stayed way overtime to get as many autographs done as possible. not every person would do that. so i got his autograph and got to shake his hand. i'll share the picture tomorrow. it's still uploading from ro's computer and i'm not staying up much longer to wait for it. that's also why i'm not going to upload pics tonight. my bandwidth is rather limited.
end of the day, we went out to dinner and then back to perky and amanda's room for a mini-movie night. ro and i were too exhausted to stay too long and we had the long train ride back. the good news of all of this is that i don't have a headache anymore *yays* and i don't feel sick like i did last night. that does mean i ate something odd and i just have to avoid it
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