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Hetalia game

This was so worth the wait. DS game, drama cd and a little model of the school to put together and play with. 
not that I'll be able to do that until after the move, but still. *grins*

The game starts out with Roma ojiichan, for some reason, and then you get to go in and meet everyone, as introduced by France and England. It turns out that this is a dating game, which I didn't realize in time so I didn't get my first date. Not a huge deal, I'll just play it again, but by far the funniest moment is during introductions. You meet everyone and the. A ghostly voice asks "when are you going to introduce me?"
"I'm Canada!"
I dropped my ds I was laughing so hard.

When you get heart points from any of the main countries two little Italys show up as angles with trumpets. Oh, it is so cute. And I, somehow, ended up on a double date with Germany and Italy and I was the only girl there. *iz puzzled* and we ended the night eating pasta. lol the whole "Italians are contagious" joke again, I guess.
I wish I could bring my ds to work so I could be playing the game here, but all the managers are in today, so it's too risky. Plus, Hiro has a new show posted so that's my top priority when I get home. I love it when his new shows post. =^.^=

That's probably enough rambling. This is draining the battery on my iPod, but I had to talk about the game.
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