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CSI quiz - kinda

*deep breath* Now that I'm done ranting and raving :) I'm going to do a kinda quiz I found on nasn's page. It looks like fun.

got this from addtheh over at csi_fandom. Give it a try, and lemmie know if you did. I'd love to see your answers!

Which CSI Guy (or Gal) Would You...

1. Go on a blind date with?
Either Danny or Don - probably to a hockey game and dinner afterwards.

2. Get lost in a museum with?
Gil Grissom. Just think how much he'd know about the things you were looking at. Can I take him to London with me?? I promise to bring him back.

3. Sing in the shower with?
I can't sing worth a damn and I don't really shower - prefer baths. Hmmm, Greggo. He wouldn't care if I could sing or not.

4. Have *meaningless* sex with?
I don't think there's such a thing but if I have to answer - Horatio.

5. Watch your favorite movie with?

6. Attend a formal affair with?
My first instinct is to say Mac but I have a feeling he might actually care if I used the wrong fork. So let's go with Danny. We could make fun of the people talking.

7. Get caught in an elevator with?

8. Go camping with?
This is a hard one because I totally hate camping. My best friend is gonna kill me for this, but Nicky because he'd know what he's doing.

9. Go home to your parents with?
Considering my folks would just be happy to see me actually go on a date with someone I don't know that they'd really care who I brought home. I think Danny.

10. Discuss the philosophy of life with?
Sid. Unless he goes to his creepy place.

11. Get locked in a broom closet with?

12. Spend a quiet evening at home on the couch with?

13. Be involved in a racy sex scandal with?

14. Go skydiving with?
OMHG, you want me to jump out of a PLANE???? Greggo.

15. Cuddle up with?

16. Make a secret handshake with?

17. Go undercover with?

18. Go undercover as a horny newlywed couple with?

19. Question a sleazy suspect with?
Jim Brass. He just has that aura of don't mess with me. :)

20. Have romantic sex with?
Either Danny or Horatio.

21. Have pheromone-driven sex with?

22. Have an affair with?
I don't believe in affairs at all, so I would say no. Just no. (that's nasn's answer and I'm totally agreeing here!!!!!)

23. Marry?

24. Have children with?
Considering my fear of the fibro passing on, I'm so not having kids so I don't even know who to pick. But if I have to I'd say Horatio.

25. Get caught at work with?

26. Go to the game with? (I'm assuming baseball?)
Baseball - Danny.
Hockey - Danny and Don
Anything else I'm staying home and they can go.

27. Want going to bat for you?

28. Not go to the bar with?
Sid. I have a feeling he'd be going to his creepy place.

29. Dance with?
Horatio. I've seen DC dance and he's GOOD.

30. Set up with one of your friends?
Ro loves Nicky, Greg, Don, Eric.....

31. Geek out with?
Greggo. Maybe he can help me with my homework.

32. Do a striptease for?
You're kidding right??? Fine, Horatio. :)

33. Watch a scary movie with?

34. Prank?

35. Sing karaoke with?
Again, I can't sing so this is really random - Calleigh
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