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The problem with not swearing....

You don't know any good swear words when something bad happens to you. We've been getting hit with snow for the past few days and it's been warming up just enough to melt a little between storms and then freezing again when the next storm hits. Yeah, there is a point to this. My folks left for Mexico which means I have the dogs for a day or two until they go to the sitters house. When we went out for the evening walk tonight they just ran down the stairs and off down the driveway. I didn't realize that there was a patch of black ice at the foot of the stairs and slipped, landing on my bad knee. There's where the lack of good swear words comes into play. All I could think of was "god damn son of a building block." My best friend knows all the really good and creative swear words and won't teach them to me. ;) The most amusing part of this was that my best friend fell down her brother's stairs three days ago. She just commented that we make quite the pair.
Tags: fibro, snow, weather

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