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Books and fanfiction

Have I mentioned how much I hate the winter? I know its worse as you get into the midwest - one of my friends and her husband were without power and heat for a week - but wading through four inches of slush isn't my idea of fun. Especially when (as my mum is so kind to point out) I'm too stupid to wear anything other than my hiking sandals year 'round.

But anyway, I know I try to avoid more than one post a day but I really want to get this typed up while I'm thinking about it. I took my dad to play cards yesterday down in Lewiston - a town about forty minutes from Moscow - and I always go to the bookstore after I drop him off. I wasn't really looking for anything but I always look in the teen section as I find there are a lot of good authors there that can be read in an hour or so when I need to take my mind of something, usually my own book.
So I'm scanning the titles and I see a book called "The Saint of Dragons" by Jason Hightman. I always look at anything involving dragons but this time I about had a heart attack because it was talking about dragons still being alive and walking among the general population and the copyright was 2004 which would mean I'd have to scrap my whole project and maybe even stop working on TDC as well.
I was curious so I bought the book and found out it was written from the dragon hunter's view. OMHG it was so funny and well written I went through the whole book in the time it took my dad's game to finish which was a good two and a half hours and it's a 300 page book. Seriously, if you guys want to see what dragon hunters think and want a good read - find this. I looked it up on Amazon and there are only used copies and this is the first time I've run across it but it is worth the hunt.

And the really good part is that it's nothing like my novel so I can keep going! Yay. Okay, back to revising the first chapter.
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