lexxiescott (lexxiescott) wrote,

that was fun

it took me 22 hours to do, but i watched all 7a Harry Potter movies over a period of two days. watching them makes me think i might think about the possibility of rejoining the HP fandom. not seriously, i left because of flamers, but i can always post here and on WWOMB. i'm playing around with an idea now and i have a couple of others that i might write up. it all really depends on how much time i have.
right now though, i have to head to bed. 0630 is a ghastly hour to have to get up when you're used to working swing shift. i almost wish my mum had more faith in me to take care of things until i left. i know she's trying to make things easier on me, but i don't know how i feel about having to live with a complete stranger for ten days. i'm only at work for five of those. maybe i'll just hide up in my room the rest of the time. *sighs* and then, Mexico for a week. that will be fun. i'm hoping to get a lot of reading done and finish up some stories that i'm working on. still debating about hauling the computer down with me. given how stupid the TSA is about my cane most of the time, i probably won't.
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